Soroptimist International of SUN Counties, Inc.

About Us

Soroptimist means "the best for women"Soroptimist International is one of the largest professional women's service clubs in the world committed to improving the lives of women and girls!

SUN Soroptimists is a local club of Soroptimist International.



          Soroptimist International of Snyder, Union and Northumberland Counties, Inc. ("SUN Soroptimist Club") is a Pennsylvania nonprofit 501 (c)(3) service organization dedicated to improving the quality of lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment. 


           In 1921, women in the United States were at a crossroads.  Along with their newly won right to vote, women also were making gains in their professional lives. Despite this progress, women were barred from joining male service organizations.  In response to their desire to provide volunteer service to their community, a group of 80 business and professional women formed a club in Alameda County, California.  They chose their name, Soroptimist, from two Latin words, meaning "best for women."

Now known as Soroptimist International of the Americas, the organization is part of Soroptimist International - with almost 100,000 members in 119 countries around the world.


Women have made tremendous strides since 1921, although they

continue to confront obstacles. A few of these obstacles are domestic violence, poverty, lack of adequate child care, sexual harassment and inequalities in the workplace.  

Soroptimist clubs carefully choose local projects that address challenges

unique to today's women.


In addition to working on local projects that benefit women, Soroptimist uses its international voice and official status with the United Nations to advocate on behalf of women's issues.  The organization is a recognized authority on matters that women value most.


Soroptimist membership provides an enriching environment for women to     

develop friendships and to support each other, while experiencing the

satisfaction of their collective efforts to improve communities.  These women,

who represent leaders across all professional disciplines, also serve as role

models for younger women at the beginning of their careers.